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Dr Eric Schwelm

In Western Australia, Dr Eric is one of the major driving forces in the use of gentle, low force chiropractic techniques like Sacro Occipital Technic (SOT). He is known for his expertise in the treatment of babies and pregnant mothers, whilst remaining an excellent chiropractor for patients of all ages.

Dr Eric demonstrates extreme due diligence in regards to patient safety and education, giving thorough examinations and using well founded yet innovative and gentle techniques which give consistent results.

Dr Eric has dedicated the last 19 years to providing innovative solutions to solve the many different concerns of his patients. Over the years he has achieved exceptional results without using invasive procedures and is well known for his "healing hands".

Dr Eric has a unique approach to maintaining the body's three-dimensional structure, from bottom of the feet to the top of the head, taking into account distortions in joints, myofascial, muscles and ligaments and even stress on the nerves themselves.

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Dr Azin Moshtaq

Dr Azin discovered chiropractic as a teenager and hasn�t looked back.

Azin completed a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Chiropractic, and a Master of Clinical Chiropractic at RMIT University in Melbourne, and several years afterwards pursued postgraduate studies in Sleep Science where she now also dedicates a period of her time to research with the University of Western Australia.

In her free time Azin works in her community with youth & junior youth to help them build their capacity to serve & make positive changes to their environment & their lives. She loves spending time with her family & friends as well as keeping active with her two beloved dogs, Nero and Bailey.

Dr Azin loves to make new friendships & she looks very much forward to meeting you & helping you & your family to reach your optimal state of health & well-being.

Diana Schwelm

Diana Schwelm was born in Mauritius and immigrated to the UK with her family at 10 years of age. She met Eric during a walking holiday in Scotland. She had an existing hip injury and Eric introduced her to his chiropractor and after 3 visits she was convinced at the healing power of Chiropractic.

After 2 years together when Eric chose to change his career path and become a Chiropractor; Diana didn�t hesitate to support him, sharing in his dedication to Chiropractic.

Diana loves cooking, travelling, reading, spending time with friends and family gatherings. She loves catching up with patients and welcomes you to the clinic.

Ellen Maclean

Ellen was born in South Australia and was brought up until 9 years of age in Darwin before making the move down to Perth. She was first introduced to chiropractic when she became friends with Dr Eric�s daughter Holly in primary school and the two have been best friends ever since. Ellen is passionate about music and is always keen to give anything a go. Currently a pre-med student at the University of Western Australia, she is studying Pharmacology and Physiology.

When Ellen is not at university, she can be found learning how to play a new musical instrument, reading, enjoying time with friends and family and of course meeting all the wonderful practice members at Cottesloe Chiropractic.

Holly Schwelm

Holly is the daughter of Dr Eric and Diana Schwelm, she was born in the United Kingdom where she lived before migrating to Australia at age 5. Holly was introduced to Chiropractic very early in life and continues to learn more about the profession through her work at Cottesloe Chiropractic.

Holly enjoys creative writing, photography and travelling and cooking. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology at Curtin University. When she isn't at University she can often be found in the many local coffee shops writing, planning a new international adventure or socializing with friends and family.


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