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What to Expect

We are here to make your time with us as informative and fulfilling as possible

What to expect on your first visit:

  • Consultation - We listen to You, take a history and ask other pertinent questions to determine if we can help you.
  • Examination –We assesses posture and structure then do tests for orthopaedic, chiropractic and neurological indicators.

If further info is required – We send out for X-rays or other appropriate tests.

Your Care-Plan - The Chiropractic Doctor then uses the information from the consultation, your signs and symptoms, examination results, postural analysis, X-Ray analysis, the effect of this problem on YOUR quality of life and their own clinical experience to carefully craft your care-plan.

A care-plan is a schedule of adjustments for your body, timed to get you strong and functional, as soon as possible.

Your second visit - Report of Findings

This visit is about providing you the information you need to make some decisions about your health. It consists of reviewing all the collected information about the state of your current health challenges, discussing recommendations and agreeing on a suitable care-plan for You.

Normally we will re-evaluate your current condition and adjust you accordingly. 

What is an adjustment? 

The approaches that we will use to help you to balance your structure and your nervous system involve chiropractic adjustments.

The techniques used range from a number of different gentle and effective approaches, which include hands on (manual), light contacts, muscle and soft tissue work, instrument adjusting, trigger point therapy and blocks.

We also teach what good health is and how to keep well, educational programs and videos, stretches and exercises, workstation and lifestyle ergonomics and self-care recommendations.