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Dr Eric Swelhm, Cottesloe ChiropractorMeet Dr Eric Schwelm

Decades of Experience

In Western Australia, Dr Eric is one of the major driving forces in the use of gentle, low force chiropractic techniques like Sacro Occipital Technic (SOT). He is known for his expertise in the treatment of babies and pregnant mothers, whilst remaining an excellent chiropractor for patients of all ages.

Dr Eric demonstrates extreme due diligence in regards to patient safety and education, giving thorough examinations and using well founded yet innovative and gentle techniques which give consistent results.

Dr Eric has dedicated the last 19 years to providing innovative solutions to solve the many different concerns of his patients. Over the years he has achieved exceptional results without using invasive procedures and is well known for his “healing hands”.

Dr Eric has a unique approach to maintaining the body’s three-dimensional structure, from bottom of the feet to the top of the head, taking into account distortions in joints, myofascial, muscles and ligaments and even stress on the nerves themselves.

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